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They came. They learned about heart health. They had a great time!

Party day has come and gone, but across the country, hosts and guests are still talking about the great fun they had at their MegaRed® “Love Your Heart” House Party! And we want to know what you and your guests thought of the experience.


Did you and your guests enjoy trying MegaRed® softg…

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sfoneill03 MegaRed is a success - my husband and I are now convinced this is the product to take & I've convinced quite a few people with the samples & coupons. It was a great time and I really enjoyed being able to do this. Thanks HouseParty and MegaRed
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Sandy A. I truly enjoyed every aspect of my MegeRed party..from planning to execution! I learned a lot of new recipes while looking for easy "heart Healthy" recipes for my party and the recipe book I created.. There are pics but they are under my pics and not my "party pics".. hope yall check them out! Massive fun.. Thank you for choosing me to host your party!
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Ann R. Our party went great, and we all learned a lot! The only suggestion I'd have, and this may be just me, but some type of fun or silly or "conversation starter" activity would have been a nice inclusion.
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Party day
February 11, 2012